Thomas Kydd  Sea of Treason: Thomas Kydd 26 - Julian Stockwin (Hardback) 05-10-2023

Thomas Kydd 26: Sea of Treason - Signed 1st Edition - Julian Stockwin (Hardback) 05-10-2023

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1813. The shadow of war falls across the Continent as Napoleon gathers his forces once more, his Grand Armee somehow back to full strength after his disastrous  Russian campaign.

For Captain Sir Thomas Kydd however, life is looking sunnier. He has most recently recovered from a near-fatal wound and is back in command of his beloved ship-of-the-line Thunderer. He has also been given a most agreeable post: Bermuda, pink sandy beaches and very little in the way of Battle.

But those calm tropical skies can quickly turn to storm, and Captain Kydd soon finds himself drawn into the political scheming and warlike manoeuvres of the young United States, as it attempts to seize Spanish Florida.

With his ship-of-the-line, the greatest military asset in the region, Kydd must show all of his courage and quick thinking to stay ahead of the game.