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Thursday 19th May, 5:30 Hazel Prior ~ Away With the Penguins, Call of the Penguins, and Ellie & the Harpmaker. With live harp music!

Saturday 4th June, 11 am Storytelling with Clare Helen Welsh ~ How Messy!

Independent Bookshop Week:

Saturday 18th June, 11 am Storytelling with Clare Helen Welsh ~ Slime? It's Not Mine!

Tuesday 21st June, 5:30 pm Travel Writing Evening with Caroline Born, Mary Considine, Biku Ghosh, Andy Grigg and Eric Marks

Wednesday 22nd June, 11 am Romantic Fiction Morning with Liz Fenwick, Veronica Henry, Esme King and Rosie Walsh - including the launch of The Impulse Purchase by Veronica Henry in paperback, and The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh!

Thursday 23rd June, 5:30 pm Poetry Evening with Margaret Arnold, Laurence McPartlin, Gill McEvoy and Annie Jenkin

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