The Betrayal of Thomas True - Independent Edition with Sprayed Edge - This year's most devastating, unforgettable historical thriller - A. J. West (Hardback) 04-07-2024

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Set in the buried streets of Georgian London and the outrageous underworld of the molly houses, a carpenter hiding a double life searches for a traitor who is betraying the secrets of the mollies. The visceral, raucous, tender and enchanting historical thriller by the award-winning author of The Spirit Engineer. 'Heartbreaking, beautiful, lyrical. I was captivated from the start ... you won't want to put it down' Catriona Ward 'A rare gem of a novel. Gloriously gritty ... a darkly thrilling romp in 18th century London that simmers with sinister menace and illicit temptation' Susan Stokes-Chapman 'Stunning and powerful - an atmospheric thriller that is both heartfelt and meticulously researched. You'll never forget Thomas True' Janice Hallett 'Really very, very good' Stephen Fry ***WINNER OF THE HWA DEBUT CROWN*** _________________ The only sin is betrayal... It is the year 1715, and Thomas True has arrived on old London Bridge with a dangerous secret. One night, lost amongst the squalor of London's hidden back streets, he finds himself drawn into the outrageous underworld of the molly houses. Meanwhile, carpenter Gabriel Griffin struggles to hide his double life as Lotty, the molly's stoic guard. When a young man is found murdered, he realises there is a rat amongst them, betraying their secrets to a pair of murderous Justices. Can Gabriel unmask the traitor before they hang? Can he save hapless Thomas from peril, and their own forbidden love? Set amidst the buried streets of Georgian London, The Betrayal of Thomas True is a brutal and devastating thriller, where love must overcome evil, and the only true sin is betrayal... _______________________ 'Quite simply divine - historical, a thriller, comedic, fantastical and, above all, a love story that had me in all sorts of tears' Jennie Godfrey 'A clever mystery, a powerful love story ... affected me more than anything I've read in a long time' Gareth Brown 'Plunges r