A DS Cross Thriller  The Monk - Tim Sullivan (Paperback) 09-11-2023

A DS Cross Thriller The Monk - Tim Sullivan (Paperback) 09-11-2023

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'A clever mystery full of tension but also humour and compassion. George Cross is becoming one of my favourite detectives.' ELLY GRIFFITHS 'I am insanely in love with George Cross.' STEPHEN FRY To find a murderer, you need a motive . . . THE CASE DS George Cross is called to investigate when the body of a monk is found savagely beaten in a woodland near Bristol. THE QUESTION Nothing is known about Brother Dominic's past. How can Cross unpick a crime when he doesn't know anything about the victim? And why would someone want to harm a monk? THE PAST They learn that Brother Dominic had no enemies - or, at least, none that are obvious. But his past reveals that he was once a wealthy man, that he sacrificed it all for his faith. For a man who has nothing, it seems strange that greed could be the motive for his murder. But greed is a sin after all... Perfect for fans of M.W. Craven, Peter James and Joy Ellis, The Monk is part of the DS George Cross thriller series, which can be read in any order. 'In DS George Cross, Tim Sullivan has created a character who is as endearing as any I've ever come across in this genre. His quirks are his gift, and with Sullivan's tremendous plotting and superb writing, this series is a gift to readers.' Liz Nugent 'The ultimate conjuring trick: an absorbing plot with an engaging detective I'd follow to the ends of the earth. Just brilliant!' Marion Todd 'A brilliantly old-school detective with a modern twist . . . from the complex emotion of his private life to the razor-sharp detail of the police investigation. Spot on!' Russ Thomas 'Tim Sullivan's detective, DS George Cross, is autistic. His approach to investigations is unorthodox...he works surprisingly well as a fictional character, processing clues in a way that recalls Poirot's "little grey cells".' Sunday Times 'Another tour de force... If you're looking for a great crime series you can't do much better than this. George Cross is an absolute delight.' Bishop Stortford Independ