In Time  A Christmas in Time - Sally Nicholls; Rachael Dean (Paperback) 01-10-2020

In Time A Christmas in Time - Sally Nicholls; Rachael Dean (Paperback) 01-10-2020

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Alex and Ruby are back in their SECOND time-slip adventure, tumbling back into a Victorian Christmas! From multi-award-winning author Sally Nicholls comes another brilliant action-packed adventure for 7+ readers, beautifully illustrated by Rachael Dean. When Alex and Ruby fall through the mirror in their aunt's house, they find themselves in a different historical period, each time with a different task to perform before they can return to the present. From Edwardian crime capers to Victorian Christmasses, their time-slip stories are always exciting and beautifully told. A Victorian Christmas is lovely - all the food and candles and games and singing - unless you're poor, motherless Edith who is condemned to be sent to a cruel boarding school on Boxing Day. Can Alex and Ruby persuade her strict father that home is where the heart is instead? Full of action and humour and featuring exciting black-and-white illustrations throughout, this is another superb time-slip story which brilliantly brings history to life as part of an adventure. 'A clever vehicle for introducing the differences between then and now in an accessible way, with a fast-paced plot and a lovely spooky ending' - The Times on A Chase in Time Have you read Alex and Ruby's other adventures: A Chase in Time, An Escape in Time and A Secret in Time? Cover illustration by Isabelle Follath.