The Book of Amazing Trees - Nathalie Tordjman; Isabelle Simler; Julien Norwood (Hardback) 30-09-2021

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A comprehensive guide to trees for the young reader, with abundant facts, descriptions, and activities and more than 200 detailed illustrations. What are roots for? Which role do flowers play? Which trees keep their leaves in winter? What is photosynthesis? Find out everything about the fascinating world of trees, from the fragrant butterfly bush to the dramatic baobab to the majestic evergreen sequoia. Learn through fun facts, interactive quizzes, and hands-on activities such as how to grow your own tree from a seed or a cutting, and observe trees in a variety of habitats in detailed seek-and-find scenes. An information-packed guidefor budding naturalists, The Book of Amazing Trees explores the wonder of how trees grow, thrive, and even communicate with each other!