Close to Death - Signed Independent Edition with Sprayed Edges and Extra Content - Anthony Horowitz (Hardback) 11-04-2024

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From global bestselling Anthony Horowitz, a brilliantly entertaining new mystery in the Hawthorne and Horowitz series. 'Anthony Horowitz is easily the greatest of our crime writers' Sunday Times 'Sheer genius ... A joy from start to finish' Independent 'The master of the mystery' Style 'The king of the clever whodunnit' Good Housekeeping 'Gloriously artificial, improbable, and ingenious. Fans of both versions of Horowitz will rejoice.' Kirkus Reviews ''An absolutely engrossing tale ... Kudos to anyone who can figure this one out!' Starred Booklist _____________ Richmond Upon Thames is one of the most desirable areas to live in London. And Riverview Close - a quiet, gated community - seems to offer its inhabitants the perfect life. At least it does until Giles Kenworthy moves in with his wife and noisy children, his four gas-guzzling cars, his loud parties and his plans for a new swimming pool in his garden. His neighbours all have a reason to hate him and are soon up in arms. When Kenworthy is shot dead with a crossbow bolt through his neck, all of them come under suspicion and his murder opens the door to lies, deception and further death. The police are baffled. Reluctantly, they call in former Detective Daniel Hawthorne. But even he is faced with a seemingly impossible puzzle. How do you solve a murder when everyone has the same motive?