Greg Mandel  A Quantum Murder - Peter F. Hamilton (Paperback) 21-02-2019

Greg Mandel A Quantum Murder - Peter F. Hamilton (Paperback) 21-02-2019

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A Quantum Murder is the thrilling second book in Peter F. Hamilton's incredibly successful Greg Mandel series. Dr Edward Kitchener was a brilliant researcher into quantum cosmology . . . but he's found dead, lungs spread on either side of his open chest. His employers, Event Horizon, now want to know what happened - and fast. Many were anxious to stop Kitchener's work, and could have paid an assassin's fee. And only a mercenary could've breached Launde Abbey's premier-grade security system. Yet why would a professional waste time ritually slaughtering the target? Greg Mandel, psi-boosted ex-private eye, is enticed out of retirement to track the killer. He launches himself on a convoluted trail which will mean confronting the past. But - according to Kitchener's theories - this past might never have happened. A Quantum Murder is followed by The Nano Flower to complete the Greg Mandel trilogy.