Across the Spectrum: A journey towards understanding and supporting autistic individuals - Francine Brower (Education Consultant, UK); Keith MacKenzie Cox (Former Headteacher, UK) (Paperback) 19-08-2021

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) presents itself in many different ways, and teachers must be able to identify individual and shared characteristics to provide proper support. This can often present problems for teachers who lack experience of working with children across the entire spectrum, which ranges from supporting those with severe learning difficulties to working with highly able young people. Using real-life examples from their decades of experience, Francine Brower and Keith MacKenzie Cox explain how to identify diverse characteristics of autism and explore key challenges that individuals and schools face. With an emphasis on practical solutions, they offer a wealth of creative strategies and interventions perfect for any setting, from tapping into special interests and establishing routines to developing social skills. Covering a range of autism presentations, including sensory differences, communication, behaviour and socialisation, this is the ideal book for mainstream and special school teachers looking to improve their special educational needs provision, and develop the best possible learning outcomes for all pupils on the autism spectrum.