Lord Edward Corinth & Verity Browne  The More Deceived - David Roberts (Paperback) 05-10-2017

Lord Edward Corinth & Verity Browne The More Deceived - David Roberts (Paperback) 05-10-2017

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A murder mystery featuring Lord Edward Corinth and Verity Browne. With Winston Churchill receiving unauthorised information on Britain's rearmament program, the Foreign Office brings in Lord Edward Corinth to investigate the leaks. However, Edward rapidly abandons the investigation to concentrate on the murder of a Foreign Office official, who might have been one of Churchill's sources. All too soon, he finds himself entangled in a web of deception threatening the very security of the United Kingdom. All too soon there is a second murder. Setting out for Spain to find the victim's son, Edward joins his friend Verity Browne, whom he fears is in extreme peril. Verity is reporting on the Civil War and is headed for Guernica, where a source has informed her that an attack will take place. But Edward and Verity arrive in the small town just in time to witness a merciless aerial bombardment on the civilian population. And the danger isn't over yet, as near-certain death awaits Edward in London, where nothing - not even the woman he loves - is what is seems. Praise for David Roberts: 'Roberts just keeps getting better with each book ... highly recommended for fans of Love in a Cold Climate and Gosford Park' Publishers Weekly 'A really well-crafted and charming mystery story' Daily Mail 'A perfect example of golden-age mystery traditions with the cobwebs swept away' Guardian