In 50 Buildings  Lincoln in 50 Buildings - Daniel J. Codd (Paperback) 15-03-2020

In 50 Buildings Lincoln in 50 Buildings - Daniel J. Codd (Paperback) 15-03-2020

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It is no understatement to say that Lincoln's story is told in its buildings. This is at its most obvious in the cathedral quarter, where the city's Norman castle and medieval Bishop's Palace jostle for space alongside historic hostelries. Looming over everything is the magnificent Lincoln Cathedral. This part of Lincoln is approached by way of the famous Steep Hill, which is lined with houses that date back to the medieval era, like the Jews House and Norman House. However, beyond this area, the city features many other buildings from almost every era throughout history, with Roman remains, medieval religiouos ruins, Tudor, Stuart and Georgian houses, and many fascinating buildings from the Victorian age and the twentieth century up to the present day, including Lincoln's infamous Victorian prison and the Theatre Royal that has entertained the people of Lincoln for over 200 years. Each has its own story, and many have a hidden history behind the facade. Lincoln in 50 Buildings explores the history of this fascinating city through a selection of its most interesting buildings and structures, showing the changes that have taken place in Lincoln over the years. The book will appeal to all those who live in Lincoln or who have an interest in the city.