Through Time  Blurton Through Time - Alan Myatt (Paperback) 15-04-2013

Through Time Blurton Through Time - Alan Myatt (Paperback) 15-04-2013

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Blurton, situated on the outskirts of the Stoke-on-Trent Potteries, has always been agricultural. It was originally created out of the 'Waste' by the religious house at Trentham, which had been attracted to the area by the natural springs of Cauldwell and Blorewell - the latter giving its name to the village. It was still regarded as a village right up until the 1950s, when large council housing estates sprang up around it, built to house the arriving 'strangers'. The only structure to withstand the march of time is the ancient church, and this book starts its journey there. The pictures follow a circular route around the area, taking in the many farms, mills and cottages that characterise this pretty rural village. Virtually nothing remains of most buildings featured, so the odd field image is essential to show where they stood. Take the book with you and walk the route - happy hunting!