The Night Warriors  Night Warriors - Graham Masterton (Paperback) 14-09-2023

The Night Warriors Night Warriors - Graham Masterton (Paperback) 14-09-2023

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The original and terrifying start to a supernatural horror series from the master of horror himself, Graham Masterton. IT CAN FIND YOU ANYWHERE... EVEN IN YOUR DREAMS. Henry was the first to reach the girl, found sleeping on the beach, with his friends Gil and Susan. When they learn what has happened to her, they are thrown into a mystery that nightmares are made of. The young girl has been forced to host a hideous malevolence that insinuates itself into the bodies and minds of thousands of unsuspecting people. The only hope of saving them is to become Night Warriors, an ancient Order with the power to infiltrate the dream world, and destroy the original source. Together, they enter the unknown but one thing is certain - if they fail to find it, the beast will certainly find them... Praise for Graham Masterton: 'One of the most original and frightening storytellers of our time' Peter James 'Suspenseful and tension-filled... all the finesse of a master storyteller' Guardian 'One of Britain's finest horror writers' Daily Mail 'You are in for a hell of a ride' Grimdark Magazine