Imagine you were there... Imagine you were there... Sailing on the Mayflower - Caryn Jenner (Hardback) 14-11-2019

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The Imagine You Were There... series celebrates events that changed the world and the people who made them happen. November 2019 sees the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower, with its cargo of pilgrim families, on the shores of Massachusetts. Sailing on the Mayflower celebrates this milestone by helping readers imagine what it was like to actually be there. Fully illustrated, the book charts the voyage of the pilgrims from England via Holland, and chronicles their arrival in America and the founding of the Plymouth Colony. The book includes first-hand accounts of the voyage and early settler life, with the difficulties it brought. It also looks at the experiences of settlers in other parts of the world, and at some of the same issues that are relevant to modern-day immigrants.