First Comprehension  First Comprehension Teacher's Guide - Celia Warren (Paperback) 01-Sep-14

First Comprehension First Comprehension Teacher's Guide - Celia Warren (Paperback) 01-Sep-14

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First Comprehension provides an early introduction to written comprehension, developing children's enthusiasm for reading and their ability to interpret texts. When working through the series, support from an adult will boost children's confidence and help them to understand and evaluate each text. The books are easy to mark and provide a permanent record of each child's work, helping you to monitor progress. Designed to support the National Curriculum for Years 2 and 3, the content of this series has wide appeal and may also be used by older children. The First Comprehension Teacher's Guide provides a wealth of supporting information and resources, enabling you to use First Comprehension to its full potential. It contains advice on developing children's written comprehension skills, alongside teaching notes, which help you to introduce each text and mark written answers to the questions. A cross-curricular content chart is included to link comprehension work with other areas of study, and Theme and Genre charts aid comparisons between the texts. The follow-up activities, for group or whole-class use, include speaking and listening work, as well as opportunities to learn poetry by heart. The series provides: a selection of texts which reflect the range of genres required by the National Curriculum; a variety of question types, including direct, inferential and evaluative questions; full teaching notes for every text, including an introduction and answers; further activities, including opportunities to perform poems and playscripts; photocopiable group record sheets to help you monitor each child's progress; guidance on using First Comprehension to teach the National Curriculum.