Fast Finishers English Fiction Ages 7-8 - Pam Dowson (Cards) 06-01-2022

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This box of comprehension cards covers: High-interest short passages of text along with five comprehension questions that prompt students to identify and effectively cite text evidence A variety of genres Comprehension-helper cards that provide kid-friendly definitions, tips, and examples to help students master reading skills On each of the 100 text cards there is a passage of age-appropriate text with an illustration and five comprehension questions related to the passage. The 10 different questions types in this fiction box are: Cause and Effect - Questions focused on an event or action that makes something happen in a story and the result or consequence of that event or action. Character - Questions focused on the characters of a story Conflict and Resolution - Questions focused on the main problem of a story and the solution to, or outcome of, the problem or conflict. Not all resolutions are happy ones. Figurative Language - Questions focused on words and phrases that mean something different from what the words actually say. Inference - Drawing a conclusion about a story based on clues in the text and your own background knowledge. Prediction - Using what you know from the text to make a sensible guess about what will happen later on in a story. Setting - Questions focused on the settings of a story. Text Evidence - Questions focused on exact words, phrases or sentences in a text that provide information, answer a question or support a claim. Theme - Questions focused on the big idea or message of a story. A theme is conveyed by title, setting and symbols. It can also be conveyed by how its characters act, learn and change. Vocabulary - Hints that readers use to work out the meaning of an unknown word in a text. Context clues can come before or after the unknown word. The fifth question on each card will be a S-T-R-E-T-C-H question, a creative thinking question such as writing sentences using words/phrases from the story, describing something from the story, explaining what might happen next, describing a real-life event that's connected to the story, asking an opinion on the story or character from the story. Age-appropriate helper cards provide background information to help children respond knowledgeably to the comprehension questions. There are 10 helper cards in this box covering: Cause and Effect Character Conflict and Resolution Context Clues Figurative Language Inference Prediction Setting Text Evidence Theme Also includes a Teacher's Booklet to provide ideas on how to use the cards and answers.