The Familiar - (Pre-Order) Independent Edition With Sprayed Edges - Leigh Bardugo (Hardback) 11-04-2024

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A richly imagined and spellbinding story set in the Spanish Golden Age, The Familiar is a gorgeously written historical novel with a dusting of magic brimming with peril and dark deeds. When Luzia, a servant in the household of a Spanish nobleman reveals a talent for domestic magic, her social-climbing mistress demands she use her gifts to win over the royal court. But what begins as simple amusement turns dangerous, as the king seeks any edge in his ongoing war with England. Overmatched and at risk of revealing herself as a heretic, Luzia will have to use every bit of her wit and resilience to survive-even if that means enlisting the help of an embittered (and rather dashing) immortal familiar.