Who's in Your Book?  There's a Wolf in Your Book - Tom Fletcher (Paperback) 09-05-2024

Who's in Your Book? There's a Wolf in Your Book - Tom Fletcher (Paperback) 09-05-2024

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Help defeat the Big Bad Wolf in this interactive tale from Tom Fletcher - an extended edition of the bestselling World Book Day story! LOOK! Who's that in your book? It's Monster, Dragon, Alien, and Witch. And... WOW! They have made you a book! A book inside your book! Shall we read it together? Explore this interactive adventure and help the friends as they try and get rid of the BIG BAD WOLF that has taken over their book! This engaging and playful story is a true celebration of reading, performing, and storytelling from bestselling children's author Tom Fletcher. Who's in Your Book? Interactive adventures for big imaginations Also in this series: There's a Monster in Your Book: makes reading interactive and fun There's a Dragon in Your Book: explores empathy and responsibility There's an Alien in Your Book: explores acceptance and inclusion There's an Elf in Your Book: explores following instructions and good/bad behaviour There's a Superhero in Your Book: explores the power of kindness There's a Witch in Your Book: makes tidying up fun There's a Unicorn in Your Book: explores soothing your worries through sharing them There's a Bear in Your Book: makes the bedtime routine fun There's a Dinosaur in Your Book: explores inside and outside voices