Silent Sister - Independent Edition with Sprayed Edge - Megan Davidhizar (Paperback) 15-08-2024

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An unputdownable YA thriller with a twist that will electrify readers, Silent Sister is perfect for fans of Karen McManus, Holly Jackson, and Kathleen Glasgow. Grace can't remember how her sister Maddy disappeared, and even the police think she's lying. But it's hard to look innocent with a missing girl's blood on your clothes... One week earlier, Maddy - rejected for the college scholarship of her dreams, abandoned by her only friend on her birthday - was tired of living in Grace's shadow. She was ready to be someone new, which was exactly what was promised by an exclusive senior trip at their expensive private school. But eighteen years' worth of awkwardness didn't evaporate just because Maddy was holed up in a mountain lodge with thirty classmates, playing games and learning so-called life lessons. Now, without her memories of the trip, Grace must piece together notebook entries and classmates' revelations to discover how her sister disappeared. And unless Grace can find out what happened to Maddy, she'll never clear her conscience - or her name. Unbelievably gripping, and filled with twists and turns, Silent Sister will have you guessing until the very last page.