Trailblazers  Scientists Who Dared to Be Different - Emily Holland; Salini Perera (Paperback) 01-09-2020

Trailblazers Scientists Who Dared to Be Different - Emily Holland; Salini Perera (Paperback) 01-09-2020

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This inspirational book celebrates the lives and achievements of highly original, convention-defying scientists who trod the road less travelled, overcame great odds, and changed the world. Spanning from the Renaissance to the present day, this beautifully illustrated full-colour book explores some of the greatest innovators in the history of science. Inside you will find the fascinating stories of 16 pioneering figures of strikingly different backgrounds: people of varied ethnicities, nationalities, genders, lifestyles, and wealth. What they all have in common - other than their genius - is their bravery, resilience, and ability to think beyond the bounds of established convention. This innovative and boldly visual book will inspire readers follow in the footsteps of these STEM heroes and spark their curiosity in the history of science. Our trailblazing scientists include such figures as: * Stephen Hawking, the world-famous physicist who overcame physical paralysis to transform our understanding of black holes. * Marie Sklodowska Curie, the great pioneer of radioactivity, and first person to win two Nobel prizes. * Galileo Galilei, the great physicist who bravely stood by his cosmic theories in the face of the Roman Inquisition. * Katherine Johnson, the "human computer" who played a key part in NASA's space programme. * Valentina Tereshkova, the extraordinary first woman in space. This book supports the key stage 2 (KS2) curriculum and is great for home learning. ABOUT THE SERIES: Trailblazers celebrates the achievements of men and women from across the arts and sciences - from computer scientists to sculptors. By sharing their life stories and amazing accomplishments, this series will inspire a new generation.