My Big Barefoot Book of Wonderful Words - Sophie Fatus (Hardback) 01-11-2014

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Follow a bustling family through their busy day! Each scene is teeming with people, places and things, and you will meet people of all races, cultures, lifestyles and abilities as you go. This colourful book immerses children in detailed scenes of daily life, which are followed by simple spreads of labelled illustrations to help with vocabulary building and word recognition. The bright, busy spreads invite readers to find new ways to interact with the book every time they read. AGES: 2 to 6 SELLING POINTS: . Literacy: Includes illustrations for over 700 items on themes like animals, home, food, jobs and familiar places, to build vocabulary, introduce eco-friendly lifestyle choices and promote literacy . Interactivity: Invites young readers to engage with the text and pictures in many different ways . Inclusivity: Includes images of people of many different sizes, races, cultures, lifestyles and abilities. Illustrations were developed with the help of an inclusivity specialist . Endless Enjoyability: Clever, detailed scenes offer new ideas for families to explore and share every time they open the book AUTHOR: Sophie Fatus is a full-time illustrator whose beautiful and quirky portrayal of the world has brought many Barefoot Books stories to life, including 'If You're Happy and You Know It!' and 'Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush'. Sophie makes her home in Florence, Italy.