Paranormal  Paranormal Northamptonshire - Anthony Poulton-Smith (Paperback) 15-10-2019

Paranormal Paranormal Northamptonshire - Anthony Poulton-Smith (Paperback) 15-10-2019

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Join author Anthony Poulton-Smith on a ghostly tour of the county of Northamptonshire. Meet Oliver Cromwell, Mary, Queen of Scots, highwaymen, soldiers, monks, murderers, lovers, nuns, cats, dogs, horses, and even a couple of amorous churchgoers. Visit just about every corner of Northamptonshire, from shopping centres, theatres, stately homes, libraries and museums to canal tunnels, all of which host visitors of the spectral kind. Other spirits are to be found resident in an assortment of pubs, hotels, churches and abbeys. What was the secret behind the locked cabinet doors? What fascination does a monk from the Middle Ages have with modern vehicles? Who was the man hovering over the bed? Which murderer disposed of his victims in the local meat market? And whose face was staring back from the surface of the water in the bucket? Paranormal Northamptonshire contains almost a hundred narratives that will delight ghost hunters and the spiritualists, make the sceptical think again, and send chills up and down every spine.