KS2 SATs English Revision Guide - Carol Schofield & Sims; Matchett (Paperback) 31-01-2020

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The Schofield & Sims Revision Guides are closely matched to the National Curriculum and help children to revise what they have learnt at school, in preparation for the SATs. The accessible format and index enable children either to work through the topics in order, or to focus on a particular subject area. Six Schofield & Sims Revision Guides are available, providing structured practice in maths, English and science at key stages 1 and 2. Key features include helpful tips for tests and advice on how to revise effectively; remember boxes to summarise key information; regular `Test yourself' questions and answers to check recall of information; and a glossary to encourage the correct spelling and use of subject vocabulary. The KS2 SATs English Revision Guide meets the statutory requirements for Key Stage 2 English, covering word reading, comprehension and writing - including spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Accompanying KS2 SATs English Practice Papers mirror the appearance and content of the national tests and provide further opportunity for revision and test preparation.